The most impressive feature of Zagreb’s Upper Town

St Mark’s Church

…famous by its recognizable roof.

The most impressive feature of Zagreb’s Gornji Grad (Upper Town) is St. Mark’s Church, famous by its recognizable roof.

The spectrum of colours displayed on the roof beautifully depicts the Croatian, Dalmatian and Slavonian coats-of-arms and also the Zagreb city emblem and provides for quite a lasting visual. The architect who made this roof is the famous Herman Bolle who also directed the restoration of the Cathedral and the cemetery of Mirogoj.

Due to various natural disasters it has received a ton of reconstruction and not a whole lot remains of the original 14th century building. Other notable features of the church include Romanesque windows, Gothic doorway by Ivan Parler and a series of statues of the 12 apostles, along with Jesus, Mary, and St. Mark.

The highlights of the stunning interior includes statues by Ivan Meštrović, Croatia’s most famous sculptor along with frescoes painted by artist Jozo Kljakovic.