It was erected on the site of a previous structure destroyed by the Tartars in the early 1200s. The present cathedral was built in the later half of the 13th century in Gothic architecture structure,it has been transformed many times over and since that has changed the structure dramatically. Although many alterations and renovations have been made.  The sacristy still contains a cycle of frescoes dating from the 13th century. High City walls around the Cathedral and Kaptol were made to withstand the various Ottoman Sieges and invasions.

Most recently, an earthquake of 1880 badly damaged the cathedral and destroyed large sections including the dome and the bell tower.  Reconstruction in a neo-Gothic style began around the turn of the 20th century and maintained the original medieval design. The impressive and ornately decorated sharp  spires measuring 108 meters in height, wonder of neo-Gothic artistry, soar over the city and can be seen around the upper town area and parts of the lower town as well.

Be sure to see the inside of the cathedral the baroque marble altars, statues and pulpit, or the tomb of Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac by Ivan Meštrović. Don’t miss the treasury with its many fine works of religious art, garments and sacred objects.