Importance of Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, has been recognized for its cultural, religious and commercial influence within the region throughout centuries of foreign rule and even today. It has always been the focal point and heart of Croatian population.

First recognition of the settlement as Zagreb appears to have been recorded in 1094, although the origins of the name Zagreb are less clear. Popular Croatian legend suggests that, while crossing a deserted region with his thirsty troops, a Croatian ban or viceroy drove his sabre into the ground through sheer frustration at his plight and, on doing so, inadvertedly uncovered a source of water, saving the day for both himself and his troops. The ban immediately ordered the troops to scrape the soil in order to uncover the water, and the name Zagreb comes from the Croatian verb to scrape.The city is protected from the cold northern winds by the mountain of Medvednica and opens up to the rest of the world thanks to a spacious plain and the Sava river. Right in the city centre, parks, streets and squares intersect with green spaces and gardens. Landscaped in the 19th century, Strossmayer Promenade in the Upper Town is where you can enjoy a romantic panorama of Zagreb accompanied by the poet A.G. Matoš, in sculpture form, and discover why it is often called as a green town.

The city is divided into three parts: the thousand-year old Gornji grad (Upper Town) which contains the Presidential Palace, the iconic St Mark’s Church, the Croatian parliament (Sabor), and museums and galleries which are all set in cobbled streets lit by gas lamps; the 19th century Donji grad (Lower Town) with its shops, restaurants, cafes, theatres and parks; and the modern post-World War II area of Novi Zagreb (‘new Zagreb’) which is full of high-rise buildings and basically has little to offer visitors.

Walk along the streets and monuments of Zagreb which proudly testify to its thousands of years of history. Visiting Zagreb gives you an experience of becoming a friend with a city of art, culture, sports, recreation, lifestyle, gastronomy and rich historical heritage. It is a city which truly remains in every’s traveller memories and heart.