What languages are your tours in?

All our group tours are organized on English, but private tours can be also organized in Italian, German, French, Spanish etc.

Are your group tours organized throughout the whole year?

We organize group tours to Plitvice Lakes national park with guaranteed departures from May 1st until September 30th.

What size are your land group tours?

Our group size usually depends on the season you are travelling in. For example in high season group size is usually larger then in low season, but it never exceeds 35 people.

Who will be my tour guide?

While we can’t tell you who your tour leader is prior to departure, we can tell you they will be awesome. Our tour guides are experts in their regions, some because they’ve been travelling there for years, others because they’re local to the region and can’t wait to show you around. On some tours you may also have expert local guide for that destination

Are you familiar with each guide and can we be assured that they speak English well?

All our tour guides are carefully selected, trained, educated and all certified by Croatia Tourism Administration and therefore fluent in English. They are also our full time employees

Why should I provide my mobile phone contact number as it is very expensive to use it abroad?

It is very important for us to have your contact phone number. We will only contact you in case of emergency, if we can not find you on the pick up location etc.

Which items should I bring with me on your tours?

For each of the tours on our website, we have a section with useful tips where you can find information regarding what to wear, items to bring, etc.

Do you have enough space on your vehicle to store my luggage while on the tour?

You are welcome to bring your luggage on our land tours, but please make sure to advise our travel consultants when booking about your intention and the size of your luggage as we do have limits and restrictions.

Are there age restrictions on your trips?

Minimum age to attend Plitvice lakes group tour is 3 years old. An adult must accompany all children under the age of 18. Our tours don’t have a maximum age limit, but we advise our senior passengers to check difficulty of each tour on tour overview web site.

What is the difference between your private and group tours?

Our group tours offer a perfectly organized and balanced itineraries, with guaranteed reliability, comfort and safety. They are provided by highly trained and educated tour guides and drivers which tend to create a friendly atmosphere among participants on the tour. On the other hand, our private tours offer an opportunity to adapt to your special wishes and needs, from the start time, place, walking pace etc.

Do you provide international airfares?

Portal travel agency does not arrange airfare to or from Croatia because it is generally cheaper for you to book your flights directly with the airlines. If you need some advice or help our travel consultants can help you.

Can you help arrange my travel visas?

Requirements for travel visas vary widely depending on your nationality and your destination.  We are unable to arrange visas on your behalf, so we recommend to visit official websites of countries you wish to visit that will help you determine if visas are required. If you do require a visa you can arrange them yourself or use the services of a travel agent or visa processing company.

Can I cancel my reservation of a tour in case of expected bad weather conditions?

Our cancellation policy guests can find under section Terms and Conditions on our website. All our land group tours have guaranteed departures no matter the weather conditions expected that day.

What if I arrive late and miss my tour?

If you are late due to unforeseen circumstances or delays, please call the emergency contact number located on your voucher. For more information about reimbursement, please see our Terms and conditions.

Can I join the tour later or leave it before it ends?

It’s extremely difficult to join a tour after it has begun. It is possible to leave a tour early however you will be responsible for your own arrangements from the moment you decide to leave the tour. Although you won’t be reimbursed for any portion of the tour unused, you can opt to sign off the tour if you need to leave at a certain point for any reason.

Are there child car seats available in your vehicles?

We have childseats, but guests are kinly asked to inform us when booking about their need for a childseat and child’s age.

Are there any meals or drinks included?

Meals and drinks are not provided on our tours, they are on guest’s own expense.

Are pets allowed on your tours?

Pets unfortunately are not able to attend our tours.

How does tipping work in Croatia?

At the end of your trip, if you’re happy with the service you received, providing a tip for the staff – though not compulsory – is appropriate. While it may not be customary to you, it’s of great significance to the people who will take care of you during your tour, inspires excellent service, and is an entrenched feature of the tourism industry.


  1. How difficult is the walk on the Plitvice Lakes group tour? 

At this level you can expect moderate walks on maintained walking paths without the need for any technical requirements but with some minor obstacles. Walking time is around 4 hours with slight alterations in altitude.

The group tour is not recommended for children under the age of 3 and persons with mobility issues.  Private tour is suggested as an alternative in that case as the pace and route can be completely adjusted to guests attending the tour.

  1. Is there any free time during the group tour to Plitvice so that we can walk in the park on our own?

Tour at the Plitvice lakes National park includes walking, boat ride and panoramic train ride and takes approximately 4 hours.  Unfortunately there is no free time provided in the park itself due to lack of time and huge area where you can easily get lost. On the tour you are accompanied by a knowledgeable tour guide who you follow around while he shows you all the sights you could miss walking by yourself.

  1. How long is the ride to Plitvice lakes national park from Zagreb?

The ride itself takes approximately 2 hours but your tour guide will do it’s best to entertain you with interesting stories from Croatia’s past and present so you don’t even feel the ride. We also make short stop during the ride to use the toilet and stretch you legs and visit some interesting sights.

  1. What is your route at Plitvice Lakes National park and do we visit the whole area?

Walking tour in the park takes approximately 4 hours, including boat and tram ride and you will visit both upper and lower lakes. Since there are many paths in the area, our guides tend to choose the most suitable one regarding the conditions on certain day.

  1. Should I bring my swimming suite on your tour to Plitvice Lakes National park?

Please be advised that bathing or swimming in the Plitvice lakes is strictly prohibited.

  1. Are the lakes in Plitvice Lakes dried out during summer?

No, lakes have water all year round.

  1. Can I bring stroller for my child during the tour?

You can bring strollers on the tour, but we definitely do not suggest you to bring it in the national park due to uneven surfaces we walk on which makes it very hard for strollers and you would need to carry them around a lot.

  1. Why is the price of your Plitvice Lakes group tour higher in July and August?

Please bear in mind that the price of the entrance tickets is considerably higher at that time and therefore we needed to increase the price of our tour.


  1. Can I bring my luggage on the tour?

As this is a tour including transfer between two destinations, we expect you to have your luggage with you and you are very welcome to bring it with you. It will be kept safely in our vehicles during your sightseeing tour so you do not have to worry about that while exploring the national park. However, we do have limits in regards to the luggage – one carry on bag and one suitcase per person.

  1. Where is the pick up and drop off location?

This tour offers DOOR-TO-DOOR transfer service – pick up and drop off at all main hotels and private accommodations reachable by our tour bus. When booking, please leave a comment regarding your accommodation addresses and if you need any help, just contact our agents. If your accommodation is located in a pedestrian zone where we do not have access, we will gladly send you instructions how to reach the nearest pick up point.

  1. Can I be dropped off at the airport after the tour?

Please be advised that a group tour is not recommended in case you have to be at a certain time at the airport for your flight as there is always a chance that the itinerary may be adjusted due to the traffic, flooded trails in the park or bad weather conditions. You are welcome to contact us, inform us of your flight time and we will then check what can we offer you.